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I'm working on my novel day and night. :-D Yesterday evening, before going to sleep, I was unable to stop all the information that poured over me. It was wonderful. I'm not creating anything; the story is telling itself to me. It feels wonderful.

I'm also unable to find the connection between some of my characters. How will Karan meet Olive and Darian? On a boat? I guess so. At least I have his name already. "Hugo" is a completely different story. She's a little sprite. But how is she going to find her way into the group that's the centre of this adventure? I have no idea. Hmm...

And gosh, I have no idea how I'm going to pull this off. Seriously, I have so much to learn. Olive is a manipulator, so I need to study strategy. The whole world differs from ours. It's a completely different solar system. The mythology of that world is different. Magic can make other things work, but others… well, it’s just so complicated. And all the races have different religions. And I feel overwhelmed by all this.

I find it so hilarious that Red Ladies can be either gender…

Seriously, if I’d known writing your own book is so much fun, I would have started a lot earlier. *laughs*

And then there’s all the transportation systems, and old magic that is dying, and modern cities that are old and broken. Oh, and just how am I supposed to know how countries are ruled? :-D

I am so excited. I am so frigging excited!!
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