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Writing About Writing

Published by Rebekkamaria in the blog Rebekkamaria's blog. Views: 125

I think that it tells something about me that I tend to write about writing a lot. I do write, too, but mostly, I just write about writing.

I've written something like 300 pages of text over the years. Maybe more. But I've spent a lot more time writing about writing or just talking with other writers.

What I'm thinking right now is: "Do I want to continue this?" I want to write a book. After that I want to write many books. I'm wasting my time writing about writing. :D

So I've decided not to spend so much time in the internet talking about what I really want to do. I've decided to write.

I'm not leaving. Dear Sharky made me see that that would be just stupid. :-D I'm just going to stop procrastinating and do the things I want to do. *hugs*
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