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I noticed something about people writers a long time ago. What they write about is directly related to the kind of person they are. For example: A person who writes comedy stuff is going to have a really good sense of humor.

But then you say "But BSoD, that's obvious!" So I give you another example.

Someone who writes overly morbid, or extremely depressing things, usually describing the evils in life, are going to have pretty dark minds.

But you still reply "That's obvious!" So I go even further in depth. A complete list of every genre, and the type of person who would write it (excluding the ones I already mentioned.)

Adventure: These people most likely travel a lot, or at least want to.

Action/Thriller: These people are, obviously, a thrill seeker. They most likely enjoy things such as roller coaster, or other extreme amusement rides.

Fantasy: These people always have their head in the clouds, and most likely write and read fantasy as an escape from real life.

Science fiction: These people are more technologically based than most. They tend to think in a more logical way, analyzing things more than they need to.

Romance: These people are likely to not be married or in a relationship, hence their wanting to write about people who are. If they are in a relationship, then they like to explore the dynamics of couples. Or they used it a side genre to add more to the story.

Realistic fiction: These people are, for the most part, not as imaginative as others. Not all are this way, but it is very likely.

Historical fiction: These people tend to think the world was better off in the time period they are writing about, or are fascinated by history itself.

Mystery: These people tend to think in riddles, and also like to solve puzzles.

That is all the genre's I can think off of the top of my head. If anyone has one that I missed, just mention it in the comments and I will add and entry.

Now you are probably all wondering what I write. If not, oh well. I'm not telling you though. You are, however, welcome to guess. The first to get it right gets a cookie.

The cookie may or may not be real.
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