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Writing For Publication

Published by Raven in the blog Raven's blog. Views: 179

I will be entering My Necrosphere story in Black Library’s competition. The prize is the first ten are placed in their next short story book.

Black Library Industries produce three short story books a year. All three short story books are created out of new writers. Hundreds submit to these competitions held three times a year.

But been a member of their forum I have spoken with many fellow writers who all know what standard of writing BL requires. So I have decided to enter after the Necrosphere past the initiate draft for entry.

All I ask is everyone keeps fingers seriously crossed for me. I have been collecting the Warhammer 40,000 books and games for 20 years.

Though Black Library is only 7 years old, it has become one of the biggest book publishing company’s in the world producing and publishing four to five books a month.
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