Writing in the morning

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I've managed to finish my two pages with enough time to post here. Quickly. I've not gotten ahead, but at least I've not fallen further behind either. And I'm managing to get the two pages done in the morning.
It takes me about an hour to get out of bed to my laptop, making breakfast, feeding the cats, and so on along the way. Then I sit outside with my back against the carport wall, with omelet (a bowl of cereal would be so much easier but I need the protein) and water, in my dressing gown -- and a jacket, for the last two days, because a cold front just passed through. Now I'm getting hot though.
Maybe soon I'll get some sort of table and chair out here, but for now, this seems to be working. I was worried that being outside would be too distracting but I think it's no more distracting than having to turn up the music to block out my family was. Possibly less.
Oh, and I'm outside because my son gets ready for school at this time and doesn't like having people around in the morning. Fair enough; neither do I.
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