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Writing outside of ones knowledge.

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I write about what I know and have experienced in my life. I have been a daydreamer all my life. My world is writing about what I know and experienced in my life. Writing a story outside of my experiences in my life are out of my writing ability. Most of my reading comes from writers who write about what they know. Why do I write in the first place is about me and my experiences in my life. I am totally lost trying to write outside of what I already know.

Am I writing to inform the reader of something he/she needs to know or does not know and why? As a rule I can talk to almost anyone about anything depending on what the subject is. I am late in life taking on Creative writing when my love is general email writing. One can make many friends just e-mail writing. I understand speaking but writing is different because when we speak the words seem to (flow from our mouth where when writing we see the words and they take on another meaning). I do not understand the last sentence. writer one
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