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Writing Prompt 1: The Gum Dilemma

Published by TheLeonard112 in the blog TheLeonard112's blog. Views: 661

Write a thank you note to a friend who gave you onion and garlic-flavored chewing gum.

Dear Y,

Friends are always there for each other. We should always have the other’s back. We support our friends in their times of need. On a long bus ride to the destination of a field trip no one was excited for, I became bored. Constantly staring out the window watching the same type of tree zip by got fairly repetitive. My phone had choked over and died, so music was not a viable option. I had not brought a book with me because I was too forgetful when leaving the house early this morning. And it was obviously impossible for me not to make these mistakes, right? It isn’t like I set an alarm for that morning to remind me. Too bad I hadn’t plugged in my phone before going to sleep. That all is besides the point anyway, Y. I have written this letter to you because of the moment that forever changed both of our lives. My final option was gum, the tool that teens our age have used to escape the attention of class for centuries! I asked you, Y, my *bestest buddie* for a piece of lucious and time consuming gum. You thought it would be hilarious to play a fun little joke. Those never have consequences, aye? So you gave me a stick of gum just happened to taste like onion and garlic. That was the day we became closer than ever, because since then I have been on you like white on snow. Which is the main reason why you are reading this letter after you invited me over your house and soon figured out that I put super glue on the sides of your XBOX ONE controller. I am hopefully holding this letter in front of your face and you are just unable to hit me because of where your hands are stuck.

Love Z,

P.S. *..* = Insert Sarcasm Here

P.P.S. I ate all the real gum in your room while you were in the bathroom.
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