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Writing Prompt 2: Fake Nightmare

Published by TheLeonard112 in the blog TheLeonard112's blog. Views: 438

Describe a real made-up dream or nightmare.

I laid on the ground outside of my house. The green grass shined as the dew caught the light of the sun. Staring up at the bright blue sky my body could was stuck motionless. For some reason every limb I had was out of my control, even my eyes were stuck in place. I could not stop myself from peering into the light of the sun that covered the Earth. The glare shined off the cars on the road and the sound of nature around me seemed to put fear into my body. Once I finally regained control of my eyes I turned away from the sun as quickly as I could. No matter how I tried not to focus on my situation I begun to panic because I couldn't stop feeling the sun burning my eyes. I felt as if my entire body was going to burn. I regained control and stood up. On my feet I turned toward my house. The door was wide open and nothing could be seen, only darkness. The darkness comforted me and pulled me closer. I ran into my house and slammed the door as I awoke. The darkness hides the evil, but everything is visible in the light. The horror of the real world, the world you can see.
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