Writing Schedule?

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I've been looking for ways to become more productive with my time. I started by getting organized. That was a big help, although I will soon need to start organizing again because it is difficult for me to stay organized for very long. Then I thought about setting up a schedule, where I work from this time to this time each day. That fell apart fast. That kind of schedule just doesn't work for me, but I needed to do something to manage my time so that I was being more productive. Instead of having a rigid schedule that I follow, I assign time to my assignments. This is basically what I do. When I go to my computer, or sometimes my desk if I want to write there for a while, I will make a list of what writing projects I need to focus on and then I will assign a certain amount of time to each project. For example, let's say I want to get five articles done and then work on a chapter or two of a book. I'll write down the titles for the articles and put an amount of time next to it, which is how much time I expect to spend on it. This amount of time obviously varies quite a bit. Some articles will take me ten minutes and some will take fifty minutes. It depends on a lot of things. Once I have time allotted to each article, I will decide how much time I'm going to spend on those book chapters. Occasionally I will spend more time on something than I had planned, but it is certainly a much better system than trying to follow the same schedule for writing everyday. This system makes it much easier for me to stay on task and stay focused. Writing schedules might work for other people, but I find it much easier to just assign time to my projects for the day.

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