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Writing space

Published by LostInFiction in the blog LostInFiction's blog. Views: 133

I've found a fabulous place to write! It's a coffee bar, of sorts, with a creche on-site, there's plug sockets for the laptop and peace and quiet. Unfortunately it's my gym!!
I say unfortunately, actually it's fabulous - the only down side is that if I'm writing in the bar I'm not doing any exercise in the gym. lol.
So, I have created a rule, twice a week I have the use of the creche for my youngest for an hour so I go get a decent workout. If I can't workout for any reason I grab a costa beverage, maybe brekkie, and use the time and space to write! It's a win-win.
Just give me a year or two and I'll have half a novel and will finally be half fit!! :D:D
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