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I joined a writing guild in the next town over, and it has been inspirational to say the least. Saturday I will be attending a writing conference in Amarillo. I'm not sure what to expect but I think it will help bring me out of my cloistered little shell, which I need.

The first (admittedly the only) meeting I have attended so far was around the first of December, the following being in a few weeks. Anyway, at this meeting they did a potluck sort of gift exchange. It was neat because I walked away with a resource book. I don't typically read these because I feel that the best thing I can do to become a better writer (besides reviewing more) is to write more. So the book sat on a shelf in my office through the holidays.

I got bored and broke open my little book and began to read. One suggestion that I have taken away from it is to know what kind of writer I am. Mainly I'm a procrastinator who doesn't actually work well unless I have a deadline. I rarely finish what I start, and I project hop like crazy. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, it just is because I never finish anything.

So that brings me to the gist of it all.. The book recommended looking for a writing sponsor. This isn't like a twelve step program... the sponsor shouldn't be someone you spill your heart out too about your boyfriend or horrible day.

This "sponsor" should be someone you check in with on a scheduled basis. Someone who says.."How's the writing coming? Are you close to your goal?" Basically someone to remind you that you've set a specific goal and someone to make sure that your accountable for pushing toward what ever it that you've set goal wise for your writing.

As cheesy as it is, I've never thought of writing this way. To set a specific goal for myself then actually hold myself accountable for it. Writing has always just been something I've done for school or because I thought it was fun. Which it is.. but I'd like to finish a project to.

So my point in all this is that I'm going to try it.. Especially since I haven't really written anything new in a good while.

Here it is.. My goal: To write two new chapters for poor little Corbyn by February 20th. It's an extremely modest goal but class starts again next Tuesday so I need to be realistic.

So now that my goal is set and I've decided on which project to focus on I need to find someone to sponsor my effort and verbally remind me every once in a while that I am accountable to myself and I do have a deadline.

Do I really need a baby sitter so to speak to do this? NO but a little prodding never hurt anyone.. So that's my plan...

Let's see what happens!
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