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Here is a list of points I try to keep in mind always when I'm rewriting. Generally the first draft I write is full of "that", "sort of", and "seems like." But I don't worry about that because it can be fixed easily later on. The most important thing is to allow your brain to stay in the creative mode when all your ideas are just flowing, and not actually read too much into what you're writing.

Must dos:

- Read the story out loud.
- Vary sentence structure.
- Keep subject and verb close together. Ex. "She bounced back from the wall" instead of "She, in the course of hitting the wall, bounced back."
- Avoid adverbs. Use more powerful words. Ex. Voluptuous
- Challenge nondescript words. Ex. Nice, Wonderful, pretty
- Use active voice.
- Avoid verb qualifiers.
sort of
tend to
kind of
seemed to
could have
used to​
- Use strong verbs. Ex. Pummeled, leaped
- Place strong words at beginning of sentences.
- Play with words.
- Be concrete in descriptions.
- Create original imagery.
- Show, don't tell.
- Indicate character traits through showing, not telling.
Ex. Don't use 'enthusiastic', actually show the reader that the man is hopping around and shouting​
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