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Published by midwestwife in the blog Wicked Writing Wife. Views: 128

It can be a wonderful hobby, a creative passion, even a therapeutic outlet. However for a writer, at least this one, it can be a challenging enemy. Thoughts and phrases blur before they can even be written. Idea’s that can never be realized taught your dreams. A rather maddening cycle.

I hate the struggle. The war against imagination and expression. Its like my heart wants to write and my head knows I can’t!

I foolishly believed time had hindered my dreams of writing. Turned out that was only part of the problem. The exhausting reality is, I lack follow through. Deciding to scrap an idea is easier then perfecting it. The is issue: What do you do when you have scrapped every valid idea?

You’re left with a white screen (or blank paper) and a hallow feeling in your soul.

What is gal to do? Dig through the trash? Perhaps think of different solutions? Put down the pen and walk away?

I have never been one for dumpster diving and quitting never sets well with me. I am not sure how, but I will get through this. There are stories that need to be told, there are emotions that must be expressed. I can sink or swim, today I chose to swim.
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