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I always make wrong
choices and wrong decisions
it's what being human
is all about making
mistakes and learning from

I am always wrong
I am always wrong in
their eyes
her eyes
my eyes
parents eyes
stranger eyes

When am I allowed
to be right?
When I have conformed?
When I have assimilated
being a free thinker?

When have I became
so negative in people's
When did I change to
something so evil?

I know I make wrong
decisions, I know I make
mistakes I am not denying
this fact

But certainly one person
who doesn't conform isn't
always wrong
But because I am always
wrong it's fair to treat me
with inequality

How does that equal ethical?
How does that equal me
being someone who could

I may make mistakes
I may sometimes be wrong
But it couldn't hurt to change
the word wrong to right
I'm waiting
Waiting for the day that
I get an apology from
everyone and that they tell
me that I had some of the right
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