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Published by Xeno in the blog Xeno's blog. Views: 117

(That's "What The F*** Are They Doing To The Time And Relative Dimensions In Space?")

I should explain:
[SIZE=+5]TARDIS To Get Makeover![/SIZE]

After four brilliant and generally well-recieved series of the revamped Doctor Who (The Longest Running Sci-Fi Show of all time :D), the TARDIS is set to be revamped, again. This article comes from the Daily Telegraph:

I'm... not entirely sure how to take this news, to be honest.

I mean, I'm not going to be one of those fans who screams "NOOO! YOU MUST NOT CHANGE THE SHOW IN ANY WAY. IT MUST REMAIN THE SAME." But I have to admit I really love the current interior. The interior that actually feels alive.

I hope by "the most high-tech, intricate Tardis ever" they don't mean that it'll be changing back to its old grey panelled style, because although that was good, I always thought the new design made the TARDIS look more rickety and unreliable, as it is.

Your thoughts?
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