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Yeah, it's raw...

Published by zorell in the blog zorell's blog. Views: 100

Got my coca-cola glass
and I'm spinnin' it around,
pondering and wondrin'
why my world's upside down.
Got messed up in things
I couldn't avoid,
and now I am confused,
also annoyed.

Spin little glass,
you're my centerfuge.
Can't take anymore,
reality deludes.
Good gawd dang!
I thought I had escaped;
but here I am again,
in my emotions draped.

Darned skippy,
my emotions are worn on my sleeves.
And when I finally embrace sanity,
it gets up and leaves.
Can't take it any longer,
it ain't makin' me no stronger.
I would love to give up now,
but I'm wrapped around yer finger.

spaghetti round a fork,
crime round New York,
orbits around planets,
a satelite of your sun.
Is it the masochist in me,
or is this plain fun?

No, but wait!
I ain't done!
Look at this string of emotion
you've begun.
I blame you,
I do, I do, I do-ooh!

Spin little glass, spin,
coz my word is unravelin'.
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