YES! Adventure of Link is Finished

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After watching some of the guys at Zelda Eternity play some Zelda for a 96 Hour Marathon to raise money forNational Breast Cancer Foundation

I thought I would finally complete Zelda 2 after being stuck on Dark Link forever. I had heard of a trick to beating him but never looked into it. Something about the trick seemed sorta like cheating. But I finally knew what it was after seeing the AVGN's review on Zelda 2.(which was a great episode too)

So I figured I might aswell use it. So I did and I finally beat Dark Link and saved the Princess!!

Though I would feel like I cheated but after all the crap I had to go through just to get to his Dungeon. I say screw it. Of course it might have been easier if I didn't have to relearn the tricks to dodging and beating some of the enemies...

Either way I finally FINALLY beat it! It only took a few years(with loooong breaks inbetween because of my frustration)

So yes!!

(now go donate...)
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