Yes, I owned a laptop

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I do get tired of people judging me. Yes I am homeless at the moment. At one point I did own a laptop, but it was a laptop I purchased when I was in my own apartment and had a better financial situation.

I would have spent the three hundred dollars on it if I had bills to pay, or if groceries were an issue.

It's dead now and I've been using the library computers for my dose of the Internet. The job office is patently useless for helping people actually find a jobs, so the library and college nearby are both great resources for helping in my job hunt.

My writing is a way to cope with some of the stresses I've been dealing with. So I frankly don't see where it is anyone else's business or right to decide what I am and am not entitled to.

This isn't a response to anything anyone said here. But it is a rant at what someone said to me on another website. It's something I have to get off my chest and lo and behold, here it is.
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