You know it's there

Published by Acidz in the blog Acidz notebook. Views: 176

Consistent dwelling inside, out...
Fearless peace wondering hunger,
picking souls like picking money, a greedy beast.

Wanting all and all in inside, out. Feeds on minds,
all and all in vein. Master of trades, master of none the lies although dwell like fun,
for this we see a coin taken, run, chased to death, chased to run...
No where near the end since circles tend to begin,
a void-less run in darkness where pain is nothing but fun.

Don't see, but note, don't think, but say or they would hear the fear...
You lost you won, choices undone, for he controls a play,
another constant realm of puppet hunger,
the master of strings, connected to all.
Snip your string and see or die and be.
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