You know that story, right?

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I don't know if there's a name for it, but it's That Story. The first one you loved writing, the one you can never get right, the one you think that if only you did it in the right way it would be the best, the most original, the thing everyone would remember you for...

Attempting another re-write of my one of those. :p It's going okay so far, but I'm only on the second chapter. I know the story backwards, and I don't want to refer to old drafts anyway... If I miss something out it probably didn't need to be in the story anyway. I'm determined to do it right this time.

Now I just need someone to read it who hasn't read all 14 of the other drafts and squeals with excitement the moment they see the main character's name. :p

Oh cheesy opening lines. :D
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