You Vanished in the Wind

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My heart fell in love with you
I tried to fight the feelings,
scared of getting hurt
in the end i confessed my feelings
part of me wish you would reject me
but you gave me a chance

two years of love
survived long distance college love
then once summer
it all stopped
you stopped calling
stopped texting

all of it in the blink of an eye
it felt like a dream
it seemed so real one moment
the next not

you said you loved me
said you never hurt me
but what man won't even tell
the girl he dated the honest truth

it's one thing to fall out of love
it's another to just try and vanish from her life

but that's not the saddest part

the saddest most tragic part is after all that
I still love you

i want to move on but questions of why keep me chained
I want to hate you but I love you
emotions tore in so many directions

you explaining why would be the key to my freedom
from the pain you shackled me with

it's the least you can do
for breaking my heart
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