You Were Wrong

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This doesn't really count as poetry.. if you ask me. It's more of a letter to my ex in poetry form. I'm not asking for a crit, if I were I would have posted in the poetry section. I just had a lot I needed to get out there. For no other reason than to clear my conscience.

You were wrong.
He doesn’t hate me,
He’s not going to hate me.
I told him everything tonight,
everything I never thought that
I could tell anyone without them being
completely and utterly disgusted with me,
and guess what? He doesn’t think I am horrible,
in his eyes I am still beautiful, just like I should
have been too you. He still thinks I’m smart
and sexy, and wonderful. I’m not the
disgusting creature you made me
into, I am only human… and
guess what I’ve learned?
You were wrong.
You created this beast.
Are you happy with how I turned
out? Do you smile when you think of
the things that I did to earn your love? Do
you look upon your dead creation with disdain?
I washed the bits of rotten paint from my canvas skin
tonight. I washed the thought and guilt away, in the same
moments I was washing you away. Just as I should have done
years before. It was not the drugs that made me this way.
They were part of it, I have no doubt, but you… you
were more than the drugs. You were
the one that pushed me, forced
me, into becoming the lowly
decrepit creature that I
was… that I am no
And guess what?
You were wrong.
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