Your smile makes me see clearer

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I have noticed, the more and more you fall in love with someone, you let things that youve never felt before, become a major part of who you are, I met this girl around 6 well 6 and a half months ago, when i was at my lowest and most depressed. She showed me its okay to be afraid, but its better to be afraid of things together rather than alone. Never feeling this way before (Granted I know its an over used cliche but i have honestly have never felt this way before) I let myself become something greater than i truly was, this girl showed me its okay to be myself around everyone, she showed me its okay to show emotions, its okay to speak my mind. No substance, Drug related, Alcohol related, or any substance that i abused ever made me feel as happy as this girl does. She has truly made my life better and i do not regret a day I spend with this amazing girl, she has taught me that love, the crazy thing it is. Will have a few rough spots and maybe even some majors ones. I fortunately have looked past those rough spots in the road and saw what we have as an amazing thing that will only get better with each passing day. I know this is some, somewhat deep things to say coming from a guy (to those of you who are reading this and dont know me personally) But I truly feel as if I am in true love, a feeling ive never felt before, im in love with this beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed goddess, who always knows how to make me smile and always keeps my head high and ALWAYS knows exactly what to say, For this I thank you baby, Youre smile makes me see clearer. I love you Hollie.
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