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You've Got It All Wrong

Published by The Freshmaker in the blog The Freshmaker's blog. Views: 133

So, I'm in this Web Site Essentials class. As part of our intro to the class, we were asked to post online to the class forum a little bit about ourselves, including our computer experience. I mentioned my webcomic. Big mistake.

I have very little experience in web design. I know minimal HTML and CSS. But somehow, everyone assumes that since I have a webcomic, I must know ALL ABOUT web design.

You know how much work goes into my web comic?

1.) I draw it with pen and paper. Usually during math class, when I should be paying attention to how to graph equations or something.
2.) I scan it. This involves putting the paper copy in the scanner and pressing one button.
3.) I crop it and clean it up in MSPaint.
4.) I upload it to the free blog site which is currently hosting my comic.

See? Absolutely NOTHING technical involved there. My grandma could do it.

But now I have this group project, and everyone is looking at ME and asking ME questions and expecting ME to do the hard stuff.

Oi. I guess I have some extra studying to do.
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