Articles Section

What is the Articles Section?

The writing articles section of the site is a blog-style articles section where community members can share their articles on writing elements, publishing, the creative process, writing issues, and anything related to writing.

This section is intended to highlight quality strategies and advice on how to improve your writing and be a successful writer.

How Can I Submit an Article?

Anyone can submit a writing article for consideration in our articles section. You can submit by posting your article in a new thread here.

Please note that by submitting you are consenting to allow your article to be published in the articles section. Also note that by submitting there is no guarantee it will be approved and published.

We ask that your article be properly formatted, quality, and add value to the readers. Low quality articles will not be approved.

If you submit articles regularly, you may apply to join the Article Section Team.

How Can I Join the Article Team?

The Article Team is a small group of forum members who write articles for the article section.

If you'd like to be considered, first submit a writing article for consideration. After you've had a few published, you may contact us requesting to join the team.

Only quality, useful, and accurate content will be approved, and is a requirement for being on the writing article team.

Article Section Guidelines

  • Must be writing-related
  • Must be high quality (no spelling errors, factual)
  • Must be useful (don't rehash content - give us something new)
  • Must be original and unpublished content
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