What is the Collaboration Forum?

The Collaboration Forum is a place for members to network, collaborate, and exchange free writing-related services. It is not a place to advertise paid products or services or third-party offerings.

Collaborative projects can include beta reading, critique exchanges, free book cover design, free editing services, partnership requests, collaborative writing projects, and other writing-related projects. Most projects have a thread prefix that can be selected when a thread is created to indicate the type of collaboration request.

The collaboration forum is the result of many requests for an area to offer free services and find beta readers.

The collaboration forum is not a place to offer paid products, paid services, advertisements, or third-party services. Posting these types of listings may result in a warning or a ban.

I Can't Post in the Collaboration Forum. Who Can Post Collaboration Requests?

Only established, active members can post in the Collaboration Forum. In this case, only members who've been members for 90 days and made 100 posts may participate in the Collaboration Forum.

Can I advertise my product, service, website, or third-party service?

Paid products, services, advertisements, and third-party offerings are prohibited. All collaborations or offerings must personally involve the member posting.

Any services - such as book cover design or editing - must be freely offered or exchanged for other services (ex: a critique for a critique, beta reading for editing). Advertising paid services may result in a warning or ban.
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Jun 10, 2014
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