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What is the Insights & Inspiration Forum? What is its Purpose?

The Insights & Inspiration forum is a unique part of the applied writing section of, serving as as a unique, dedicated section for knowledgeable and successful community members to share their insights and inspiration with the rest of the community. Such contributions can come in many forms of "resource threads," including writing tips, advice, motivational posts, inspirational stories, specific insights, AMA (ask-me-anything) interviews, and more.

The Insights & Inspiration forum is meant to act as a repository for thread-based resources. Writing-related articles and specific resources should be posted in their respective writing-related articles and writing resources sections. In short, Insights & Inspiration is meant for "sticky-quality" threads related to writing, publishing, or other industry-related or relevant topics.

Why Can't I Create a Thread in Insights & Inspiration? Who Can Create Threads In the Insights & Inspiration Forum?

Only members who've reached at least Senior Member status may post new threads in this forum. This includes Contributor Members and Community Leaders. Some restrictions may apply. For more information on usergroups, see our Usergroup FAQ page. Exceptions may be made upon request.

Senior members may submit threads to the Insights & Inspiration forum, but threads are moderated. This is solely to ensure threads in the forum are not just good, but useful, applicable, or insightful, and of the highest quality.

If your a Senior Member and you're thread submission was not approved, or your exception request was denied, please do not be discouraged. A reason will be provided and you can always resubmit in the future.

I Want to Submit an Insights Thread but I Don't Meet the Requirements

Exceptions can be made upon request; if you'd like to submit a resourceful thread to the Insights & Inspiration forum, please contact Daniel or another staff member and request an exception, provide a details on the topic you'd like to submit, its general contents, and why you believe it will be resourceful for forum members.

Are There Restrictions or Guidelines on Content and Quality?

Presently, content restrictions and quality guidelines have not been established. They will be created if they are needed. We ask that all posts be quality (think "sticky-quality threads); that is, they are resourceful or insightful threads that are valuable to the reader - threads worthy of sharing and referring others to read.
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Jun 10, 2014
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