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Daniel Quitschau is the founder, administrator and owner of He started it at WF at 16, in 2006. He is a student majoring in Entrepreneurship at Bradley University, as well as aspiring writer, web developer, voluntarist, and aspiring entrepreneur. As a writer, he enjoys writing non-fiction, argumentative essays, creative non-fiction, songs, and science fiction. Aside from writing, he is a web developer/internet marketer and entrepreneur. He enjoys creative & analytical thinking, self-improvement, fitness, and developing new ideas.

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If you're new to, I welcome you! Please know you can always send me a message for any questions you may have. I try my best to respond very quickly. I'm here to help you with any technical issues, questions about how the forum runs, and most importantly I'm always looking for new ideas and features we can bring to the forum to make your experience with us more enjoyable. I am a magna cum laude graduate of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, Presidio of Monterey, Monterey CA (Slavic languages), and also a graduate of the University of Florida in applied linguistics. I love speculative fiction that breaks rules and conventions. I am a huge fan of China Miéville and M. John Harrison for this reason. Other favorite authors include A.C. Clarke, David Gerrold, and Octavia Butler for their career long dedication to representing diversity in their writing. I work as a federal court interpreter for the USDOJ, District of Puerto Rico. Interpreters don't drive Bentleys, but the job is fascinating and very fulfilling.

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Welcome to! I'm a super moderator here, and that makes me a sort of traffic cop and crossing guard rolled into one. I'm here to help in any way I can. I studied electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada for four years but left without taking a degree (weird, I know). I've been involved with small consulting companies for my entire career (over twenty-five years now), wearing a great many hats: control systems analyst, software engineer, purchasing manager, printed circuit board layout specialist, hardware designer, etc. etc. etc. I own my own consulting business now. When I was a kid I read tons and tons of science fiction, and that's mostly what I write now. But these days, I read literary fiction more than anything else, and I have an almost compulsive need to read books on the craft of writing. Most of what I read these days is general literary fiction, along with books on the craft of writing (I love seeing how other people do it!). But I grew up reading tons and tons of science fiction - I devoured everything I could find in that genre with an almost insane greed. I like anything imaginative and exotic, anything except the here-and-now. Most of what I write these days is speculative fiction of one kind or other. My favorite writers? It's a list that keeps changing, but the core names on it are Anthony Burgess, Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling, John Steinbeck, James Joyce, the poets Robinson Jeffers and Walt Whitman, and the historian of philosophy Will Durant. Names that sometimes show up on my list include Arthur C. Clarke, nature writer Barry Lopez, and mythologist Joseph Campbell.


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Welcome to, it's great to have you here! I'm a super moderator here at WF and always happy to help you if you have a question, or find yourself in some kind of forum-related peridicament. It's possible I'm usually around when you're supposed to be asleep, but that has less to do with owlish sleeping patterns and more with the time zone I'm working in. I'm based in Finland (the non-descript neighbor of her way more famous former conqueror, Sweden), so sooner or later you'll notice there's something slightly unsettling about the way I use the English language...

Currently I'm finishing my Master's Degree at the University of Helsinki (note to self: remember to update this bio once I've graduated). When I grow up, I want to be an English teacher. In addition to English, I've studied Swedish and French, both of which I speak rather dismally. I do enjoy literature in all of these languages, as well as in Finnish, although my favorites tend to be by American and British authors. My favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy, and I'm always on the lookout for something new and exciting to read. I also have my all-time favorites, books I re-read periodically, like Herbjorg Wassmo's Dina's Book and Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. My guilty pleasures include gung-ho bang-boom type military thrillers and French historical fiction.

Unsurprisingly, what I like to write myself is an amalgamation of the genres I like to read. Imagine an angry unicorn with laser cannons and a generous beard; they aren't supposed to go together, but what's the point of writing if you can't express yourself freely and tell stories that charm and inspire you? I co-write with the other Trian-moderator (also my husband) here, T.Trian. See you around!

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Welcome to, glad to have you with us. I'm a super moderator here at WF, so if you have any questions about the forum, feel free to send me a message. If it's a time-sensitive issue, do take the time zones into consideration since I live in an igloo located in Finland, the capital of Norway, and the home of the world's first sentient, naturally radioactive goop, mämmi.

I've studied English philology at this outhouse in Helsinki for a few years, focusing on translation studies, but I got lost in the snowstorm that has plagued my country for the past six centuries. I haven't found the classroom since, so it looks like I'm going to have a career change, if all goes according to plan. My English studies included literature, but it's also a long-time hobby. My favorite novels consist mostly of sci-fi (particularly hard and military), fantasy (preferably realistic hack'n'slash), and horror (psychological and supernatural, not splatter).

I write with my wife and fellow mod, @KaTrian. We produce mostly a mish-mash of various genres. Usually it's mainly sci-fi, fantasy, or contemporary fiction, but whatever the genre, it's always laced with elements from horror, comedy, romance, erotica, and a generous dollop of realism because.

We try to do in real life as many of the things we write about (within reason, obviously). Things like horseback riding, self-defense training, playing music, doing parkour, IPSC, hiking, some fencing, playing hide-and-seek with our pet poltergeist, and so on. I could go on about how useful first-hand experience is for a writer, but, to be perfectly honest, we do all that stuff because it's fun. Which, incidentally, is what I hope you'll have around here.

See you on the boards.


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Hello, folks! I'm a super moderator here on the forum, which means that I'm one of the go-to guys if you have any problems or questions regarding the site and its use.

I live in the cold and (not so) snowy land of Sweden and am currently studying for a Master's in Biology. The subject in general, and animals in particular, have always fascinated me. The fact that I've never lived without at least two pets can attest to that. If things go as planned I'll have a degree with focus on ecology and evolution in a few years. After that? Umm... Ask me again next year. ;)

Some other interests of mine include writing and reading (mostly in English) as well as programming and webdesign (at a hobby-level). What I read is mostly fantasy and science fiction, but the occasional thriller and horror books end up in my pile of books as well. My current favourite authors are Isaac Asimov and Clive Barker, but there are a whole lot of others on my list. My own writings seems to follow no particular patterns when it comes to genres, instead I let the story itself figure out the path.
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Oct 11, 2013
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