Supporter Membership Features

What Is Supporter Membership?

Supporter Membership is a type of premium membership here at The primary purpose of Supporter Membership is for community members to give back to the site - 100% of subscriptions go to making the site a better place. This includes paying for hosting bills, writing contests, advertising, new features, and much more. As such, it's a direct way to give back to the community while still getting forum perks. In reality you're purchasing upgraded forum features while donating to our forums.

What Does Supporter Membership Include?

Purchasing a supporter account upgrade puts you into the Supporter Membergroup until the subscription expires. This includes several perks, including:

  • Colored (green) Username
  • Supporter Badge, displayed on posts, profile, and membercard
  • AD-FREE membership
  • Access to the loosely-moderated hidden Supporter Forum
  • Unlimited PMs/Conversations
  • Can pass Writing Workshop requirements of 20 posts/14 days registered. (The 2 critique per newly posted item remains in effect for all forum members)
  • Unlimited Albums and photo uploads in the gallery
  • Blog customization
  • Customizable User Title
We'll be adding more features in the coming months. We're also open to suggestions on how we can improve supporter membership. Supporter status does not, however, purchase absolution from the standard forum rules that apply to all members, save for those mentioned above.
Supporter Membership
Oct 12, 2013
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