What is the Writing Workshop?

The Writing Workshop is a true workshop that engages participation through constructive critiques. The Writing Workshop is not a writing showcase - it's a place to get feedback and constructive criticism on your writing and also to give it. Threads posted in our Writing Workshop are hidden from guests and search engines. You must paste the excerpt of your story or your poem to the thread. No external links allowed.

The Writing Workshop is not a place to publish your work on the web, nor is it a critiquing service. The purpose is to learn to give and receive constructive critique, to make you a better writer. You must learn the critiquing mindset in order to effectively receive, evaluate, and apply recommendations. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, learning to give constructive critique will help you to more objectively edit your own work.

It is important to note that the Workshop is meant to critique writing. If you find opinions or statements to which you do not agree or which you do not hold within an item you are looking to critique, it is entirely inappropriate to engage the OP or other critics in debate on that topic within the Workshop thread. If you find that you cannot critique the item without arguing your opinion on the ideas or statements to be found therein, move on to a different piece. We have a Debate Room specifically set aside for the debating of topics. The Workshop is strictly for the consideration of the quality of writing. Debate style posts within a Workshop thread will be deleted by the staff as non-sequitur and disruptive to the purpose of that area.

The Writing Workshop has strict requirements for participation. We believe that writing constructive reviews is an important part of not only participating in the workshop, but also of developing your writing skills. As such, we require a minimum of two constructive reviews for each piece of writing you post for feedback. We also require you participate in our community by making 20 posts and have been registered for 14 days before you make a thread.
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Writing Workshop
Oct 12, 2013
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