Why You Should Play

"Isn't role playing for socially awkward teens to play in their parent's basements?" you ask?

"This sounds so juvenile, I came here to better my writing not play games," you say?

First off, our RPs differ dramatically from the dice rolling board game types that you may be used to. For most games there are no dice, no points, and no levels. Instead, players use their writing skills to cooperatively progress a story using the point of view of the character they devise, as guided by the Game Master.

It is true, you may not receive constructive critiques of what you write here. However, you will find an environment of positive reinforcement where you can learn by the example of others and be challenged by the atmosphere of friendly competition toward the most impressive post.

Furthermore, participating in a game will push you to WRITE. There is no better substitute for practice, and here you will be encouraged to write routinely and to write often. You will find that your experience will grow and your skill increase as you challenge yourself post by post.

Lastly, you will build relationships with other forum members while becoming familiar their writing skills. This is a big asset not only to enjoying the forum but for broadening your base of friends who can give reliable critiques of your non-RP writing.

There are many more benefits, I am sure, but the best way to find them all is to join a story and find out for yourself!
Role Play
Oct 14, 2013
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