Workshop Requirements

Writing Workshop requirements are threefold;
  • You must be registered for 14 days
  • You must make 20 posts forum-wide
  • You must post 2 constructive reviews for each piece of writing you post
We have good reasons for this policy. Requiring a waiting period of two weeks and twenty posts provides a period of time and interaction to foster familiarity with our community and understanding of our policies and how our Workshop functions. It reduces new members signing up to post their work and then disappearing.

Note: short "reviews" posted in the workshop that are designed to get around our workshop requirements will result in a warning. Multiple attempts may result in a ban.

We require two constrictive reviews for each piece of writing you share in the Writing Workshop because it ensures that every piece of writing in the workshop is likely to get at least some feedback, and because we believe that reviewing and critiquing writing can help your skills as a writing. We're so convinced of this we have a dedicated reviewing forum.
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Writing Workshop
Oct 12, 2013
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