Workshop Requirements

Writing Workshop requirements are simple;
We require two constructive reviews for each piece of writing you share in the Writing Workshop because it ensures that every piece of writing in the workshop is likely to get at least some feedback, and because we believe that reviewing and critiquing writing can help your skills as a writer.

We ask that members not try to circumvent the Writing Workshop critique requirements. We also ask that members put effort into the quality of feedback they leave on someone else's writing in the form of a critique.

We used to require a two week waiting period and a twenty post minimum (plus the two critiques) before you could post in the Writing Workshop. We had good reasons, but have recently shifted our philosophy to be more inclusive of new members and to encourage a more active Writing Workshop.

Note: short "reviews" posted in the workshop that are designed to get around our workshop requirements will result in a warning. Multiple attempts may result in a ban.
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Posting Work for Critique
Oct 12, 2013
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