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  1. Foxxx
    @Xoic A word I think you'd like to follow down the Google / YouTube rabbit hole is "anomie" and the work of Durkheim.
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  2. Foxxx
    @Xoic All very good points that I think expand or relate to the conversation I started in my original post. The nihilistic meaninglessness and isolation being brewed right now is definitely harming young people psychologically.
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  3. Xoic
    Just ran across this: [MEDIA] The boys don't get any sense that the schools care about them, and in many cases they get the same from their parents and society as a whole. This is true as well for girls of course, but they don't get blamed for...
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  4. Xoic
    I didn't read the whole thing, apologies if you already mentioned it, but in school boys are taught they're responsible for all the evils of society, including those done long before they were born. And if they're white, double down on it. I've...
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  5. Xoic
    Cont. I managed to get visualizations back after a while, by very deliberately forgetting about my physical alignment in space. I also decided not to imagine things with such an obvious physical-world alignment. I tried things like a tractor. As...
  6. Xoic
    Playing around with visualization Last night lying in bed I did some deliberate visualizing and paid close attention to it. I noticed a few things I want to post here. I wasn't close to sleep or in REM yet, so it was what I'd call daytime...
  7. GrahamLewis
    Bummer. Feeling 99% well, took the test, and still strongly infected. Glad to feel better, but I'm ready to move on. COVID is not.
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  8. Xoic
    My current theory is that people who can experience full vivid visualizations are somehow able to connect partially with the dreaming apparatus while awake. Several things happen when you fall asleep. For one, the brain's sensory apparatus...
  9. Xoic
    I experienced a WILD It's an acronym for wake-induced lucid dream. It's a specific technique for inducing a lucid dream (duh) that's done by paying attention to the shifting patterns 'behind your eyelids' as you fall asleep. This helps you retain...
  10. Xoic
    Running a full scenario I'll try to explain as well as I can what my visualizations are like if I'm not close enough to sleep. So this is what they're normally like. I get what I call a pre-image or a proto-image. It's like I'm seeing it through...
  11. Xoic
    You know what, screw that! I'll add supplemental information here in the comments. A lot of my knowledge and experience with this stuff comes from my practice of lucid dreaming and my studies associated with it. Dreamlets There's a point when...
  12. Xoic
    Thanks Antman! There are several things I want to say here, but they really belong in my next few blog posts. I'll resist the urge to spill it all prematurely and develop the thoughts a little better. I will say this much—if I'm very close to...
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  13. AntPoems
    Interesting stuff; I'm curious what you'll find. I'm kind of in the middle as a visualizer myself: if I concentrate, I can develop very detailed mental images, but I don't do it spontaneously (except in my dreams, which can be very cinematic)....
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  14. GrahamLewis
    Thanks ,LTR. After a couple nasty days (and nights) recovery has been steady. Today is the first that I feel almost 100%. Wife has tested negative again, so she is well on the way to being able to go on her trip. All is good -- and I am...
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  15. love to read
    Sorry to hear that. It seems that Covid raises its ugly head even more often than before. Anyway, hang in there and get well (and, even more importantly, feel better) soon.
  16. Not the Territory
    I mean, this is off topic, but I don't think you're alone in thinking Rousseau's writings somewhat hogwash.
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  17. Foxxx
    @Not the Territory I didn't mean to imply that I have it all figured out, because clearly I don't. But there is no getting around the fact that, for some reason, I just don't give a fuck about most people and I don't find what you're describing...
  18. big soft moose
    I have the body of a god - but unfortunately its Buddha... that's never stopped me getting female attention... i find the main thing is to be funny, charming ,personable and not a creeper. It was Marilyn Monroe who said that if you can make a...
  19. Foxxx
    @Not the Territory A problem I have is I tend to dislike most people, men or women. Don't get me wrong, I could probably hold a conversation with any of them if they're willing, but I find that I just dont... fucking care sometimes? And then...
  20. Not the Territory
    I think you're mistaken about how attraction works, and what superficial qualities actually mean. People are attracted to qualities and, this kind of sucks, (mothers, cover your ears) basically no one starts out being worthwhile. They have to be...
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