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Ah , yes...........this is hubby Mark in our second pond ,  which I might add he dug all on his...
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willow brooke
Ah , yes...........this is hubby Mark in our second pond , which I might add he dug all on his own with just one hand.
The first pond was just 3 foot deep unfortunately the top was level with the lawns , woman here two days before christmas a few years ago was trundling down the path and her legs gave way ..................oh , dear .
I fell head first into the pond just missing decapitating myself on the furthest edge , but I did brake two ribs on the fountain in the middle and smashed my wrist as it hit the bottom and as around the pond was paving stones and I fell sideways on I had the blues, blackest , greenest with a bot of yellow just for luck b****y huge bruise that ran from my right hip bone to my ankle bone and boy did that hurt .
The main problem was a bit more complicated , as I fell I screamed out for help and as I hit the icy water I naturally gasped .............and inhaled live baby leeches......yuck....yuck.....yuck .
My next door neighbour who was just looking out of her up stair window as it happened said afterwards 'it was like something out of you've been framed as you fell to the ground and went head first straight in the pond, fur coat and all'
She luckily came vaulting over the fence and hauled me out as I was to far tipped head first in to get out by myself .
I was once again taken to A & E as I kept sicking up the black little slimy critters , which had even the doctors going .............'OMG thats so gross'.
Still never mind , lesson learnt and now we have a nice 6 foot deep by 9 foot oval pond for me to fall into at some time later this year , well after all a girl has to keep her bed open at A & E doesn't she !

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