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the dendera light
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Miguel De Zayas
the dendera light
  1. Evil Flamingo
    Evil Flamingo
    Not howwible at all. :)

    p.s: I nearly have the same shirt as you- except it's red instead of blue and it kinda looks like a dress. :p
  2. Evil Flamingo
    Evil Flamingo
    Yeah cause I'm totally wearing a dress...:p
  3. Evil Flamingo
    Evil Flamingo
    Didn't say that, but mine looks like a shirt with a little skirt attached on it. :p
  4. Evil Flamingo
    Evil Flamingo
    Sounds cute, but not on me. haha
  5. Evil Flamingo
    Evil Flamingo
    Anyone ever told you that you kind of look like Nathan Fillion? At least here you do...

    (Not a bad thing at all- according to the ladies)
  6. Evil Flamingo
    Evil Flamingo
    I've never heard that before. It'd be awesome if it were true, but I don't see it. Damn.

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