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me and steven, hes the mascot for our local supporters club
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me and steven, hes the mascot for our local supporters club
  1. Gloom Kitty
    Gloom Kitty
    Tell me again why you're not working for a japanese Animation company Kitty.
  2. Gloom Kitty
    Gloom Kitty
    Um because I'm studying for my degree in criminology LOL. I'm actually concidering drawing another picture since i can't post *pouts*
  3. Gloom Kitty
    Gloom Kitty
    How about a pic of say... Cypher. ;)
  4. Gloom Kitty
    Gloom Kitty
    I can try but I'm not very good at drawing guys LOL
  5. Gloom Kitty
    Gloom Kitty
    lol Seriously now. I just don't beleive yeah. :p not after this this.
  6. Gloom Kitty
    Gloom Kitty
    if you can give me a good run down of what he looks like I can give it a shot :-D
  7. Gloom Kitty
    Gloom Kitty
    a gun slinging munk in green armour and long scruffy hair. or and a web of metalics across his left face holding it together since Vornn sliced his face in to. One plasma pistol and one large calibre Pistol. ;)
  8. Gloom Kitty
    Gloom Kitty
    Awesome lets hope I get it right then :-D I should have a nice picture for you by the end of tomorrow

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