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May 30, 1994 (Age: 23)
Prince Edward Island, Canada


New Member, 23, from Prince Edward Island, Canada

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    May 30, 1994 (Age: 23)
    Prince Edward Island, Canada
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    I am 16 and I am a Martial Artist, a musician, a chess player, and a learning writer.

    I currently have 10 stories under my belt:

    -Checkmate (Unfinished)
    Checkmate is a psychological horror short story where the antagonist developed a great hatred for the protagonist when they were young and friends. Now they are older and they antagonist takes out his revenge in a very messed up and cruel way!
    -A Gunslinger Epic (Started)
    The Gunslinger Epic is the first in my [unrelated] series of adventure stories.
    -A Pirate Epic (unfinished)
    Second in the [unrelated] series.
    -A Samurai Epic (unfinished)
    And the first.
    -The Island Story (Finished)
    Just a "Lord of the Flies" inspired short story I wrote for my English class.
    -Boring World (Finished)
    A random children's story I thought of one day.
    -Harmless (Idea)
    A horror story that I am going to write for my Ecology teacher that has a message: Introducing a foreign species to new habitat is bad and I show it in a very exaggerated way.
    -The Biography of a Possible Future Me (Started)
    Just a story of a possible but unlikely future for me.
    -The Son of Superman (Idea)
    A superhero/psychological story.
    -Another Superhero Story (Idea)
    A superhero/psychological story that has kind of a ying and yang vibe.
    -Why? (Idea)
    A psychological story of two very similar siblings and how they grow up to be completely different!

    I am sort of a new writer and as you can tell by the above I like to write Psychological, horror, action-adventure, adventure, superhero, and the odd children's book. I like experimenting with all types of writing genre and will try pretty much any genre I can think of! :p

    Martail Arts, Music, Chess, Writing