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Mar 11, 2012
Jan 13, 2012
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Mar 11, 2012
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    Favorite Writers:
    Ted Dekker, Stepen Lawhead, Franklin W. Dixon ( I know it's a pen name.)
    Favorite Books:
    Nothing to Fear, Green, The Skin Map, Hood, and sew what??
    Favorite Quotes:
    you don't lose till you sell ~ my Great grandfather
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    Hi, I'm Becca, my real name is Rebecca but i like Becca better. All of my friends call me Becca so i started introducing myself as Becca because it makes me feel like the person knows me well, and Rebecca is so Girly... I live in the mountins of North Carolina.... all of my family lives in Florida, well except my grandparents on my mom's side. They live half the year up here in NC and the other half in Florida with my only cousin on my mom's side and my aunt and uncle. I like to rock climb. I climb at Brevard Rock Gym and sometimes me and my climbing team go up to rumbling bald. It's up near ashville. I've been playing the piano since I was 7 and I took up guitar when i was 12. I like to sew, i have made crocheted blankets and some bags. i also Sew on the sewing machine ( not very often though ) all of the girls up here in North carolina sew something or other. one of my friends goes to thrift stores and gets shirts cuts them up and makes skirts. one of my other friends embroiders and my sister and i crochet and knit. I joined the swim team when i was 12 and my mom was a swimmer so she helps me with that, My favriote stroke is backstroke. I also like to cook. I like the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on all of my family and friends do too.... they are better than regular chocolate chip cookies in my opinion.... :)

    Guitar, Piano, Writing, Sewing, Rock Climbing, Cooking, and Swimming


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    Live, Laugh, Love, Climb, Write
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