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Mar 10, 2009
Mar 6, 2009
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Mar 10, 2009
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    CEO of Need Instructions LLC and founder of NeedInstructions.com. NeedInstructions.com is a Website that provides users with step-by-step instructions, manuals, and how to’s on just about everything out there. I got the idea for the site after a particularly frustrating experience when purchasing a large product that had to be assembled. After purchasing the product he found out there where no instructions included. While not finding any instructions on the product he decided to visit the company’s web-site to see if he could find the instruction he needed to assemble the product. After spending an hour searching the company’s web-site and the World Wide Web, the idea of NeedInstructions.com came to be.

    I have extensive management, technical, consulting and customer service skills. He provides hands-on expertise in project leadership and management, assessments, methodologies, data modeling, database design, meta data, systems analysis, and development. He has worked with multiple platforms, and his experience spans a wide range of operational and data warehouse environments. In addition to his BI background, Chris Evans has a experience in marketing strategy for major consumer brands.

    I also earned my M.B.A. in Accounting/Finance and a B.S. in Computer Information Systems.