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Jan 1, 2013
Mar 21, 2012
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New Member, from England

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Jan 1, 2013
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    Favorite Writers:
    Stephen King
    Philip Pulllman
    Anne McCaffrey (Rest her soul)
    Karin Alvtegen
    Michael Connely
    H.G Wells
    Favorite Books:
    War of the Worlds
    Northern Lights
    Angels and Demons
    Dirty Weekend
    Pet Sematary
    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    Favorite Quotes:
    "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." - Khalil Gibran
    Religious Beliefs:
    • Agnostic
    Political Views:
    • Liberal
    Are You Published?:
    Hello and thank you for taking the time to check here!

    There isn't a terribly large amount to really say about me. I've been writing for years, though I couldn't tell you what age I started. All I remember was writing a short story in a math book from my school, you know the ones with the faint blue blocks? They might be unique to England. I've delighted in doing it whenever I could, but only in the last three years decided to develop it into a proper career. If that is possible, we know that isn't easy! But I'm giving it my all.

    Despite working on a full novel (which at this point in time is on its forth rewrite) I feel my grip on the craft of writing is slippery. When I discovered this place, I was thrilled. More so because this place responds to specific problems and issues writers seem to face, with a community that shares it solutions in a friendly and constructive manner. That is such a wonderful thing, because it allows a writer to varnish their individual roughness away, and I have a ton of that roughness!

    At the same time, I hope to be a helpful member to others.

    Writing, reading, video gaming, exploring,, occultism, spirituality, criminology, psychology.