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    School (Writer)
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    Garth Nix and David Eddings
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    No Challange too daunting, no task too great, no food too much! (Personal own)
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    Yes, Tradition
    I am a school boy who has aspired to be a writer of fantasy and fiction since I could read.
    I wish to spread the passion of literature and the art of linguistics to every child with the wonderous world of books.
    Through these bound universes we can escape the ferocious reality of life and live a time of wonders as a child lost at sea or a man with mystic powers.
    With the opening of a book comes the dawning of life on one of millions of worlds.

    I love to write fantasy, fan fiction and occasionally poetry.


    :):DThough I may be young, I am stil published. Little laureates posted a competition in which I entered and was given a place within.:):D