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Mar 22, 2013
Feb 26, 2012
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Member, from Interesting. Earth.

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Mar 22, 2013
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    Interesting. Earth.
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    Yes, Self-Published
    Me, is Dullener, because it's very good name. I am a human being, to mention exactly, but maybe my formal attitude towards my fellow thread members made you feel I am a President of World, Right?

    Yes, this is me, very, very hypothetical, unpractical, and imagining nonexistent. Maybe these qualities go with a writer, but I feel they closer to a mad scientist.

    Currently, at the time of writing this biography,
    I have written
    65 poems, 1 poem over 1,000 words, and 2 poems over 500 words.
    and 25,000 words in fiction.
    (4,000 words in twilight Eyes, my first novel)

    Interests are being Interested.
    Computer, writing, reading, drawing, science, music.


    ~For you may think, for you may say, world is just like the one of the present it is. ~​