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    Favorite Writers:
    Patrick Ness
    Brian Jacques
    The person who came up with the Thesaurus- because he-or-she is a legend.
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    Ernest Hemingway- 'There is no friend as loyal as a book.'
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    About me?

    Let me see...well, my head's always stuck in the clouds- nice view from up there, even though a lot of the time, your outlook of life is confusing to some people. As most people on here, I've been writing from a very young age and love it to bits.

    I love cheesecake and exploring and doing new things and meeting new people and-

    -the list could go on. Lets just say there's a lot to me other than sugary foods and wandering's through nature and towns. Hopefully my writing speaks a little more of what sort of person I am; someone who is thoughtful, perhaps a little too ponderous at times, contemplative- everything and anything that means thinking. I love to think and explore, and all in all, they make for stories with questions asked and new worlds posed.

    The prompt: "About you" is kind of...daunting, really. So I'll leave it at that, shall I? Because I'm still waiting for the answer to "who I am" to burst from the skies. In the meantime, I'll sit patiently and write, waiting for that answer to come.