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Nov 7, 2013
Jun 24, 2012
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Wet, windy Wales.


Member, from Wet, windy Wales.

inkyliddlefingers was last seen:
Nov 7, 2013
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    Wet, windy Wales.
    Favorite Writers:
    Jane Austen
    Jasper Fforde
    Lindsey Davis
    Caroline Lawrence
    Sharon Penman
    Micheal Bond
    Dr Seuss
    Michelle Magorian
    Favorite Books:
    Sense and Sensibility (Austen); The Well of Lost Plots (Fforde); Crusade (Laird); Here Be Dragons (Penman)
    Religious Beliefs:
    • Christian - Other
    Political Views:
    • No Preference
    Are You Published?:
    Mature Creative Writer halfway through P/T PhD writing novels for children which feature strong, positive, yet realistic images of disability and characters with impairments.

    Have to write two novels of 25,000 each plus a critique of my working practice.

    The first novel is all but finished but am struggling with the second, and hate the critcial content of the course with a terrible passion.

    Writing, learning 'dead' or non-verbal languages (eg Latin, shorthand, sign language) Training my support dog. Spending time with my family: Hubbie, two grown-up children and four grandchildren.
    Also enjoy hand embroidery and sketching (though I'm rubbish at it)