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    R. L. Stine, Betsy Haynes, George R. R. Martin, Lawrence Watt Evans, Robert Jordan, Stephen King, M. D. name a few.
    Favorite Books:
    A Song of Ice and Fire, The Obsidian Chronicles, Goosebumps (since I was 12), Wheel of Time, to name a few.
    Are You Published?:

    "Sue - put those down!" Eddie whispered frantically.
    I slipped one around my wrist. "See, Eddie, when you clamp it shut, the jagged spikes cut into your wrist," I told him.
    I let out a startled gasp as the heavy metal cuff clicked shut.
    "Ow!" I screamed, tugging frantically at it. "Eddie - help! I can't get it off! It's cutting me! It's cutting me!"
    ~Stine, 2009

    Did you feel it?
    Could you see it?
    Did it inspire you?
    When I was in JR High School, I did something I had not done a lot of, reading. I went to the library and checked out a book, Goosebumps: Welcome to Dead House. It was slow and boring, but for some reason, was compiled to get another one and before I knew what was happening, I found myself reading instead of playing video games. I was thirteen years old; or was I twelve? Sitting in my room or in the living room and reading away to pass the time away. In fact, when I did something wrong that got me grounded it was the only activity my mother allowed me to do, read. However, if you're wondering if I got grounded a lot, the answer was no.
    Regardless of how old I was the one thing I do know is the dream of becoming a writer started well I read the Goosebumps series by R. L. Stine. I loved it! I felt as if I was truly there watching the whole thing unfold before my very eyes, but most of all it inspired me to want to write. So I set off on my own adventure of attempting to write a story, The Awful Pumpkin Patch. At the time, it was deemed to be my version of Goosebumps even though the concept came from a book I read by M.D. Spenser, Shivers: The Awful Apple Orchard. This story was truly my own work of art, but sadly, it turned out that my story was a little to violent, to be called a children's book, and thus I evenly threw it away.
    However, this would not be the first or last time I would abandon a story. Later down the road in high school I threw out a manuscript I called The Stalker. It was my first and only story that invited plagiarism into the mix. The concept behind The Stalker was great, but half the story was not my own and even at the age of fifteen I knew it was truly not my own story. It was the fabricated works of a feeble boy who knew it was just chicken scratch on a pice of paper. I guess the turning point was when I let people read the chicken scratch, and it was compliment after compliment, but like in the movies; you know that movie where the good boy does something he knows is wrong and later feels guilty. I evenly had that moment and threw it in the trash, never to see or contemplate the horrible lie again.
    After I graduated high school (2002) I would not pick up another book to read until 2004 and like I did with R. L. Stine, I would pick up a book that once again brought back that childhood feeling dream of becoming a writer!

    Will rose. Ser Waymar Royace stood over him.
    His fine clothes were a tatter, his face a ruin. A shard from his sword transfixed the blind white pupil of his left eye.
    The right eye was open. The pupil burned blue. It saw.
    The broken sword fell from nerveless fingers. Will closed his eyes to pray. Long, elegant hands brushed his cheek, then tightened around his throat. They were gloved in the finest moleskin and sticky with blood, yet the touch was icy cold.
    ~ Martine, 2011

    To say my jaw dropped would be lying, but I truly was in aww!
    Fantasy has always been my favorite genre among books, movies, and video games. In fact, the best part about history class was learning about medieval times. I mean who hasn't dreamed of being a knight, king, or even Robin Hood? From dragons to the mythical gods of these stories, they have captivated me in a way that makes me wish I would have been born in medieval times. A time when wars were fought and won by pure skill instead of who has the bigger gun! Traveling through space (science fiction) and seeking out new life and new civilizations (Star Trek the Next Generation). To me, there is something about reading that far surpasses the emotions I feel when watching television or even playing a video game.
    Now a little more than six years after starting a novel I began looking into college after serving in the Military. I had many ideas and choices to choose from, but in the end, I chose Full Sail because it was the only college that I found to provide a class for writing. However, this simple explanation is only half the story. You see I was actually looking for a Work Shop online and well, Google managed to bring up Full Sail in the search and after a few days of debating, I needed up calling Devry and telling them I would not be attending as its high time I followed my dream. Plus my grammar needed some touching up on as it was my worst part of English. Putting commas where they were not needed to using a semicolon when it should have been a comma.
    My dream is not to be the best writer who ever lived, but instead to leave my mark in history no matter how small or insignificant it may be. To have someone someday pick my book up and hopefully be inspired as I was. This is my turning point in my writing career and to say it is time I stop dreaming and to seek out new worlds and new characters. To boldly go where dreams can only take you.


    Stine, R. L. (2009). Goosebumps: a night in terror tower. (2009 ed., pp. 15-129). New York, NY: Parachute Press Inc.
    Martin, G. R. R. (2011). A song of ice and fire: a game of thrones. (2011 ed., pp. 9-674). New York, NY: Bantam Books.

    Currently taking "Creative Writing for Entertainment" at Full Sail.


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