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    Mischief maker
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    Stephen King
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    The Dark Tower (series)
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    A little dramatic writing as a fun bio:
    Born on that day... The day when the world ended...

    The poor child, his mother mortally wounded and his father an unknown, was left alone in a world which was quickly leading to the end. Adopted by scavengers, he grew up knowing only them and not much of the wasteland-come-home in which he now lived.

    One day while scavenging for old electronic devices which had survived the apocalypse, he stumbled upon a piece of wood with metal strings attached to it. He ran his fingers along it, immediately feeling something deep inside him. The chord it struck was dissonant yet the individual notes brought forth feelings within him which no woman ever had...

    He took his find back home with him, guarding it jealously from the others and secretly, every night, he would touch the strings, play the notes...

    One day he was caught playing and the man tried to steal his instrument. Quickly he began to play, knowing it was his last opportunity. He put every soul felt feeling into every single note and something miraculous happened... The man stopped in his tracks, as if in a daze, and listened. When the boy stopped playing the man lead him out to the others, instrument in hand and instructed him to play. He played his heart out. His music touched the hearts of every person present and a new peace was born within them. This peace spread throughout the land and he travelled with it, spreading the healing sounds and message.

    This is the legend.
    This is the truth.

    writing music, writing stories


    - Did you know that "Renard" means "Fox" in French? -
    - Bring out the badger in you! -