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    I really got into writing in the 6th grade, when i was super-miserable, so i got into poetry, and began writing with my best friend at the time. Then in the 7th grade, I became recognized for actually having talent, and won a creative writing award. Because of my english teacher's support, I decided then to someday become a writer. Years later, I am more realistic about what the future should hold for me. I have decided to write as a side-hobby/job, and then have a main job that I can count on to support me monetarily,(something interesting I enjoy). In the last couple years my life has taken alot of twists and turns, and I have become more busy, so I haven't written as much as I once did. My membership on this site is an attempt to move past all that, and take control of my life, as I want to be. Writing is always what has made me happy. 'Self expressive,' is understating. For me, writing is the transfer of my heart, thoughts, and feelings to that of another, so that they may understand. I am very...different. Writing is like my Rosetta Stone to those who can't understand.

    Methaphysics, philosophy, and the paranormal.