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Nov 29, 2010
Nov 15, 2010
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Schelle Anne Eniah

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Nov 29, 2010
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    February 2
    Somewhere, under the rainbow...past the second sta
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    The Bartimaeus Trilogy
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    Sometimes, you just gotta eat your frog.
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    I am a band kid who loves to write, sleep, draw and hang out with friends occasionally. I prefer mainly fantasy though I do also like loosely historically based works. My favorite books include the Bartimaeus Trilogy, The Shakespeare Stealer, The outsiders, The Giver, Being Dead, and the ever so famous Harry Potter Series. I also partake in manga reading and writing and my favorite of those includes Full Metal Alchemist, Otomen, One Piece, and Mushi shi. I have written a few short stories inspired by a horrible english teacher....and made better by my creative writing teacher and have worked on my manga script since the 6th grade, giving me about 35-40 chapters (I'm unsure as the chapters are kinda short so I'm going to move the parameters so as to lengthen them). I LOVE editing and I'm kind of a grammar nazi. I also love languages and currently know English and Spanish fluently, French almost fluently, and am in the process of learning Japanese. Next on the list is Italian, Chinese, German, Farsi and Romanian.....I like videogames such as Zelda, Tales of Symphonia, Avalon Code, Disgaea DS, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, though I do prefer vintage gaming apart from the above mentioned. I love music and partake in writing song lyrics at times as well as poetry, depending on my mood. My favorite bands are Thrice, Three Days Grace, The Goo Goo Dolls, Blink 182, Weird Al Yankovic, A.F.I., Asian Kung-Fu Generation, SID, Mana, The Police, Aerosmith, Snowkel, Sum 41, T.M. Revolution, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, UVERworld, Yellowcard and Bowling for Soup. I play flute, piccolo and Alto Saxophone and am the drum major for the marching band. If this isn't enough biography for you then you must obviously be bored enough to have read up to this point. I hope this was informative.

    Flute, writing, sleeping, reading, gaming, hanging, thinking, knitting and cooking


    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter, don't mind.-Dr. Seuss.