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May 7, 2012
Nov 20, 2011
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May 7, 2012
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    May 7
    Favorite Writers:
    Dan Abnett, Terry Pratchett... good god, I REALLY need to start reading more.
    Favorite Books:
    Various from the following series

    Gaunt's Ghosts
    Magic: The Gathering

    ... Yes, I know, I need to expand.
    Favorite Quotes:
    Only Death Is Real
    - Hellhammer from Messiah off of "Satanic Rites" (1983).
    Are You Published?:
    Heavy metal maniac with an eye for the art of writing, looking to one day work on a variety of stories. Enjoys the sci-fi aesthetic, viscerally morbid action, and the use of occult/esoteric bizarreness in writing. Hoping to sharpen skills here in preparation for entering the world of the novelist and the author with a bang.

    Various forms of music - more aggressive forms of punk (eg. hardcore and crust), non-dumbed down heavy metal music, old-school progressive rock, pretentious German style ambient music, and condescendingly highbrow classical music.

    Gradually increasing interest in reading about the dirty things that major world governments did in the name of economic gain and authoritarian fear.

    Fluff, backstory, and general world of Warhammer 40000

    Various animals, mostly the arthropod sort but things like cats and tamed birds are also fine.


    When I did crawl from the blighted womb
    Childlike spawn of diseased ovum
    Warmth of pain is gone
    My message is clear
    We are like them - you and I are one
    Stunted embryonic forms
    No wisdom unintelligible products of the
    Stillbirth machine
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