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Apr 18, 2017
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    I wish I could post stories here . . . I've given up with that because I write to publish and can't leave critted works online. Though you might spot me on another board under this name. The difference being that I can remove a work there when it's sold. Sorry, I do still love your board, just not for critiques.

    I'm working on the third installment of my novella series (hopefully I can finish before my publisher asks about it), and I have a short story I need to finish for a charity anthology I was asked to join. It's actually a very good one. I'm proud to be in it.

    Nobody else wants my stuff right now, so I'm not pretending to be anything great. It's actually rather humiliating and I try not to dwell on it.

    Anyway, here's my favorite metal song of the year. I saw this performed live, right before it was recorded. The last tour show was where I live because that's where the studio is. Try and sing along!

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