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Apr 18, 2017
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Finally! 10,000 word short done. My publisher wanted a unique cross-genre piece, and I've got one. Hardboiled Egyptian Urban-Fantasy Noir. Oct 19, 2017

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    Didn't get a lot out this year, just a few pieces. That's my fault really for being preoccupied. I re-counted my works and I'm just barely under 50 lifetime publications (about half a million words). I do have a couple new pubs coming out soon. I just finished a novella, which wound up being more of a short novel. 65000 words! Now I'm writing short stories. I'm going to do twenty, I think. That way I can up my pub count. They'll all be submitted somewhere.

    After that I'm starting on a novel I've been thinking of. My inspiration is Head Full of Ghosts (which is about devils, not ghosts, but I love, love, love that book!) combined with The Disaster Artist, Straub's Ghost Story, Will Storr vs. the Supernatural (scary as hell!), House of Leaves, and maybe a few parts Kathe Koja's Cipher. It's the feel of all of these wrapped together. It's also heavily based on the movie Phantasm. RIP, Angus Scrimm.

    I've been in quite a few Best-of anthologies, including Datlow's "The Best Horror of the Year." (My lifetime goal! It was the greatest email I ever opened.) I've been on the long list for the Bram Stoker. Didn't win, of course. I'm not even good enough for the short list yet, but I'm confident that one day I'll get there. This is my new goal.

    Political threads are not for me. I don't even open them. If a thread turns political halfway in, I quit reading it. Personal politics woven into a story is even worse. It shows contempt for the reader.

    I like my metal severe and love J-pop and jazz. American Top 40 sucks and should not be listened to. It embarrasses me to even hear it. These are my favorite songs right now:

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