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Apr 18, 2017
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Spent way too long daydreaming the story. The MC feels right though. Aiming for 1500 words per day. Time to begin. May 23, 2022

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    "Nanotech" by Jack Dann
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    My avatar is Shiina Ringo, rocker girl turned torch singer. She writes the songs too, which is unusual for singers from either genre. Anyway, the avatar is not me. She's my favorite musician of recent days.

    Here's a favorite by her and Tabu. "The Assassin's Assassin."

    I listen to tech death and most kinds of metal, really, though I don't care for what's on the radio and so ignore that.
    I have too many favorite bands to list. I could name 500 easily, I'm sure. Here's one you haven't heard.

    I can't stand K-pop. It sounds like obnoxious Western radio, but J-pop is awesome.
    You've just got to know the right bands. Let me find you a perfect J-pop song.

    Igorrr is my favorite new find. I like it because it's every genre at once, though metal at heart.

    Hmm . . . I can fit one more media file. I'll choose Therion, "Blood of Kingu."
    This one's unbelievable. Starts with power metal, turns symphonic and then operatic.
    Man do I love that full chorus. What a great band!

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